Currently on display in the UC Gallery: Wendy DesChene’s “Inheritance,” an exhibition that incorporates a casting, a slide show, photographs and a large painting. The show runs until March 2nd.

Linda McCray, a painting and drawing graduate student, has a painting entitled “Rising” included in the national juried show “Exploring Spirituality” at the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


Linda is also showing “Recent Abstract Spiritual Paintings” at The University of Montana-Helena College of Technology through February 28.

The Gold Dust Gallery invites you to experience our latest exhibition ‘The Withdrawing Room’ from three printmakers Caleb Sheridan, Craig Weinke, and Christine Cleveland. Complimenting each other with themes such as repetition, ritual, and ceremony, the three artists have created a show exploring ideas of humanity in nature and social interaction with mass media. The opening reception will include live music, refreshments, and engaging conversation with some of Missoula’s up and coming artists.

Little is known about Caleb Sheridan; he is a man of mystery. What is known about Sheridan is that he engages in the fine arts through various media ranging from print, to installation, to performance. A BFA graduate in 2006, Sheridan finds a heavy influence in mass media, and every day iconic imagery, Sheridan uses familiar faces and symbols from our past, and gives them a twist that may seem a little off. Sheridan’s work, though rich with strong, contrasting, colors, contains many dark ironies. Due to his private nature, his work is not often shown in the traditional gallery settings, but when it is presented, it brings great excitement and intrigue to its viewers.

Caleb’s work constantly evaluates various methods to categorize the rapid digestion of mass media, iconic imagery and seemingly useless facts that invade us at such an overwhelming pace.
In his current work, “Rate of Frequency (Taste the Rainbow),” he searches for pattern and rhythm within the chaos of iconic digestion formally by creating a balance between the mechanical process of print and repetition, and the autographic process of drawing and expressionistic forms cut from fabric or torn from paper.

Craig J. Wienke is a recent graduate of The University of Montana’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Program with an option in printmaking. An avid seeker and reader of things fantastical, scientific and philosophical, he has been creative from an early age enjoying the drawing, designing and making of things. Craig’s interests include woodworking, finish carpentry and vibrant intuitive friendship of the simplest tradition.

The recent body of Craig’s work in print and mixed media is an exploration of the mystery and ritualistic thought associated with the aurora borealis.
These works are a return to his previously explored ideas of geographic/ geometric ties to environment, or perceptions and awareness of surroundings.
Craig is fascinated with the northern lights and their various interpretations as a living force in the human landscape. He often references avian species as a metaphor for alternate intelligences and the delivery of providence.

Christine Cleveland is a BFA graduate from The University of Montana with an emphasis in printmaking. Ms. Cleveland is currently working as the Administrative Associate at the Montana Museum of Art & Culture and in 2006 had previously worked as the University Center Gallery Coordinator on campus. Ms. Cleveland’s present interest is reduction relief prints of bird imagery linked to the idea of ritual and ceremonial actions within our own human experience.

Christine’s relief printmaking addresses the idea of nature relating to a greater idea of the human experience. There are many commonalities and symbols found in both the animal and human world. Her focus is on the act of ritual within the bird kingdom, which is a necessity for both realms.
For instance, birds have complex social realms during specific actions including ritualistic dances, songs, ceremonies, building of nests, and collection of items, all done in order to survive and/or find a mate. These repetitive actions also relate to humans symbolically and metaphorically, such as the home, the family, and the personal connections to others.

The Gold Dust Gallery is open Tuesdays from 2-4 pm or by appointment.
Please call PR Director Adelaide Every at 406-360-7452 or Gallery Director Lonney White at 406-860-3813 to schedule a viewing. Alternatively, you may email any inquiries to golddustgallery@ hotmail.com. ‘The Withdrawing Room’
will be at the Gold Dust Gallery from 2 March- 2 April 2007.


Dauphines, formerly The Raven Cafe, is looking for artists to display their works for First Friday exhibits this year. E-mail them HERE for more info.

Liquid Planet is also looking for student work to exhibit. Contact Jerod for more info…


The Montana Museum of Art & Culture is accepting applications for artworks to be installed in the new Don Anderson Hall building on campus. The committee overseeing the selection process has several submission requirements, and inquiries may be made to Manuela Well-Off-Man.

Local business owner Chris Henry is looking for art to be displayed in his space. Chris is open to ideas, but is most interested in large objects such as metal or wood sculptures, or ceramics. The business hopes to participate in First Friday exhibitions, but may be willing to retain works for semi-permanent display. You can contact Chris at 721.8446 or by e-mail at hendawg@earcandymusic.nu

The owners of the Whitewater Bar & Grill are looking for an artist to design a logo for their business. Brien and Tyler Hangas are open to ideas regarding the image and ask that inquiries be directed to them at 360.9854 or 360.9853.

Students in the Department of Pharmacy are conducting a contest to find a design for their T-shirts. The shirts will be worn by participants in the “gA.S.P.ing for AIR,” 2007 5K run that will raise money to send children to asthma camp. If you are interested in submitting a logo for the T-shirts, you may bring them to the Art Department’s main offices by Friday, March 16th. The winner will receive a Griz sweatshirt and a $25 gift card to The Bookstore. More info is available on the fliers hanging in the Fine Arts Building.


Art student Pam Caughey is featured in the current edition of Missoula Living magazine. The article features Pam, pictures of her works, and her ideas on creating watercolor paintings. You can read a portion of the article by clicking here and scrolling down the page, and view many of her works on her website. Congratulations, Pam!

Beth Lo, Professor of Ceramics, is currently displaying works called “Contemporary Ceramics,” at the Dairy Barn Art Center in Athens, Ohio as well as “Le Mesa” at NCECA in Louisville, KY and “Earthtones” at Actor’s Theater of Louisville.

Dr. Rafael Chacón, Professor of Art History, moderated a Donors’ Forum for the Museum of Art and Culture on February 1, 2007 in conjunction with the exhibition The Collectors’ Art.