Grad Student Defenses!

The Department of Art’s Graduate Candidates will be presenting their Oral Defenses at the following times and locations. Students and the general public are invited to attend.

Leah Katz, MA Art Studio: Oral Defense: April 26th, 9.30 am in the GVA.

Linda McCray, MFA Art Studio Painting/Drawing: Oral Defense: May 1st, 9.00 am, in the GVA.

Amanda Turpen, MFA Art Studio Printmaking: Oral Defense: April 30th, 12.15pm in the GVA.

Ted Hughes, MA Art History: Oral Defense: April 27th, 9.00am, FA 304.

Kendall Mingey, MFA Art Studio Sculpture: Oral Defense: May 7th, 12.15-1.15pm, in the GVA.