Undergraduate Scholarship Applications are available and due to the Art Department by February 22nd. There is a good amount of money sitting in a huge pile available to students. Contact or visit the Art Department’s main office to get an application and get more information on eligibility. The application form can be printed from the Department of Art website by clicking HERE.


The Department of Art’s Gallery of Visual Arts (in the Social Science Building) is currently exhibiting the works of Michael Barnes and Tom Huck. Michael paid a visit to campus and spoke about his work on Feb. 12th, and Tom Huck will deliver a lecture in March.

The University Center Gallery is exhibiting the works of recent Department of Art graduate Travis Smith until February 29th. Titled, “Messes, Makers, Meaning and History,” Travis’ work ,”presents pictorial translations of colonization. He uses a crude, unrefined painted surfaces to compose subtle and at times, bitter narratives of events that deal with the colonization of Native Americans.” Be sure to check it out.

The Montana Museum of Art and Culture is currently exhibiting the works of “52 works by contemporary Native American artists addressing the conflict between Native people’s relationship to the earth and the political and economic forces that undermine it. This traveling exhibition was organized by Honor the Earth, a national Native American organization founded by Winona LaDuke.” Click HERE to visit their page and get more details.

As always the Missoula Art Museum is displaying several wonderful exhibitions that all art students should visit. Click HERE to view the museum’s exhibition page for dates and info.


Ceretana Studios is announcing their First Annual Juried Exhibition, Titled, “Missoula Now.” The deadline for submissions is April 15th. Send slides or digital images, a $15 fee and a SASE to Patricia Thornton, Ceretana Studios, 801 Sherwood Ave. Suite T, Missoula, 59801

Art Student Matt Fennell is conducting an art contest and looking for submissions. Matt described the project as, “[The} Student Political Action Committee on ASUM has decided to enact a war on apathy, themed “Get out the Vote” drive for the 08 Presidential election…and needs badass flyers. So we’re running a contest to see if students will respond. We want 3 different war themed designs, with the slogan “war on apathy” for fliers. We will also eventually make flags for a publicity stunt if students are interested in that. The winning artists will get featured on ASUM’s website.” If you are interested, send Matt Fennell an e-mail by clicking on his name. Matt says they will need submissions in the next few weeks, so act now!

The Department of Media Arts is looking for an artist to help design and produce a small back drop, sculpture and set for a stop motion animation piece. You can contact Paul Alvarez by clicking on his name and sending an e-mail, or you can give him a call at 406.544.3068.


The Department of Art’s faculty members have been very active in the creation, exhibition and research/publication of art and related issues lately; here is a summary of their recent achievements:

Associate Professor Elizabeth Dove had a Solo Exhibition at the Missoula Art Museum from November 2, 2007 to January 5, 2008 titled “birthweight.” Elizabeth was the Juror for National Exhibition “Americas 2008 Paperworks“. The jurying was in November 2007 for the show in January 2008 at Northwest Art Center, Minot, North Dakota.

Professor Elizabeth Lo’s work “Tea and Rice” was featured on a full page ad in Ceramics Monthly’s October issue for “Form and Imagination, Women Ceramic Sculptors,” at the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona, CA. Professor Lo also had works on exhibit in a curated group invitational at the Turman Larison Contemporary Gallery in Helena, MT called “Northwest Figurative Ceramics Invitational”. ichard Notkin curated the exhibition.

Professor James Bailey is currently part of an exhibition titled, “Book Marks 2008” at the Birke Art Gallery at Marshall University in Huntington, WV. The exhibit runs until March.

Assistant Professor Brad Allen recently conducted an iron pour, allowing students and open to faculty, to take part in the process of creating artworks from liquid iron using molds they created for a 45-student collaborative exhibition in the Off-Center Gallery. Assistant Professor Allen recently accepted an invitation to serve as a founding committee member of the Western Cast Iron Art Alliance and the WCIAA Conference in Denver at the University of Colorado, congratulations, Brad!

Professor Rafael Chacón gave a lecture titled “A.J. Gibson Stories” for Leadership Missoula, reviewed portfolios in progress for the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, co-taught a new course titled “Egyptian Art and Culture” with Margaret Kingsland as part of Continuing Education’s MOLLI program, and lectured on the exhibition “Crash, Pause, Rewind” at the Missoula Art Museum. Rafael was Interviewed in Kelly Black and Russell Daniels’, “Missoula’s Festival of the Dead,” for New West Missoula. His guest column titled “Blending the past, present: Building additions walk a fine line between preservation, new ideas” was published in The Missoulian.

Professor and Department Chair M.A. Papanek-Miller had two works in “Trans” at Atlantic Works Gallery (a national juried exhibition), East Boston, MA, through January 12, 2008. The Juror was L. Bradbury, Independent Curator and Gallery Director and Curator Montserrat College of Art, Beverly M.A. Mary Ann also has works in the Todd Gallery at Middle Tennessee State University until Feb 22nd.

Adjunct Assistant Professor Nathan Sullivan has works currently on display in a solo exhibition at Southern Oregon University’s Stevenson Union Gallery titled, “Form Series.” Check out Nathan’s work on his website by clicking HERE.


Recent Department of Art graduate Brett Svetlik invites everyone to visit his new website and take a look at what he’s been up to since graduating with a BFA in Spring of 2007. Brett’s site will be available in the “Blogroll” section of this page for future reference.

Dr. Rafael Chacón asks that whoever borrowed the last issue of Art on Paper from the Resource Center to please return it; no questions asked.


If you have an item you would like to see on this blog, feel free to send an e-mail by clicking HERE or stop by the Art Department’s main office.


This site is updated as often as possible with news and information regarding art in and around The University of Montana and its Department of Art. Please check back often as new posts occur without a regular schedule. Thank you all for your artistic contributions.