Site Symposium

The Department of Art will be hosting a two day symposium of lectures and workshops with presenters discussing the relationship of art to place. Many events will be webcast live! Click HERE to see. A detailed itinerary of the events can be found by clicking HERE

Professor James Bailey was invited to be a panelist on woodcuts this month at the National Mid-America Print Conference hosted by The University of North Dakota. He was also invited to be apart of a national print portfolio which will also be exhibited at the Conference. In addition his work was acquired for the Montana State University School of Art Collection, in Bozeman, MT and the The University of North Dakota, PEARS Print Archive, Fargo, ND 2008.

The 8th Annual Steamroller Print Project is also gearing up now, and will take place on Wednesday, October 29th in front of the Univeristy Threatre, from 9:00 am. till 4:00 pm.

Professor Bailey has also organized an exhibition of Day of the Dead Steamroller Prints that will be shown at The University Center as part of the Day of Dialogue, on Oct. 30th.


Patrick Cook, a Drama/Dance major, is looking for an artist to assist with a project. Patrick would like someone to help illustrate a graphic novel based upon a short film. You can e-mail Patrick by clicking HERE.