School of Art Graduate Student MICHAEL FLYNN will be presenting his newest work in an exhibition titled, “Burning Bridges and Banana Smoothies” in the Off Center Gallery (Art Annex) from 5-8pm on Wednesday, March 17th.  Join Michael and view his latest works while enjoying a free banana smoothie!


The first Community Arts Class at The University of Montana, taught by School of Art Professor  Michael Parker, is underway. This exciting class connects students with local teens to design and execute a professional, public mural with members of the Missoula community. Working side by side, UM students and local teens have the opportunity to gain experience, create lasting relationships, work with people in a field of their interest and create a sense of pride among Missoula Community Members.
Creating a mural is an excellent way to teach job skills, camaraderie, self-esteem, entrepreneurship, and increase social capital. The process mirrors how we function as a part of our community.
The design and creation process of this mural is not only bringing the Missoula Community together, but is creating enduring relationships within the community that would otherwise not exist.  We are encouraging all members of the community to participate in this design.  If you would like to be a part of the process and give your input, please attend the design sessions on Saturdays from 1-5pm on UM campus Fine Arts Building rm. 404 until April 10 or contact Michael Parker at 813-846-2000.
The School of Art is also hosting an event on Friday March 19th at the Zootown Arts Community Center from 5-9pm. Come see our progress and share your ideas.  This event will showcase artists working in Missoula including UM Art Faculty, Students, and some local favorites.  Please help support this worthwhile project by coming to purchase a piece of art for under $100 and helping us to design the mural.  See you there!