Faculty News


Professor Matt Hamon will be exhibiting in the GVA, on Tuesday, March 13th from 1:30 – 2:00 pm, in conjunction with Nathan Tonning, Will Hutchinson, “We Deserve More“.  Matt describes this installation as, “An attempt to expend the least amount of energy possible in the presentation of a highly conceptual and multifaceted solo exhibition.  The entire spatiotemporal scope of this lexis involves the placement of an ordinary, found object (the doormat) among an array of carefully conceived objects present in a running exhibition.”
He goes on to say that, “I am interested in the double, triple, or even quadruple entendre that may emerge when viewed by a limited audience in this cloistered, dark corner of the Social Sciences building on the campus of The University of Montana. Subsequent to these alterations, the gallery now presents, in a much more efficient way, multiple artists in both collaborative and solo exhibitions simultaneously.

 My motivations are primarily provoked by an interest in participating in the emerging dialogue in this academic community. Antecedent to this work is much of Marcel Duchamp’s interest in embracing visual indifference and challenging the epic traditions of ownership, authorship, and authenticity -via the readymade. This history further gives way to murmurs of postmodern and poststructuralist intertextuality posed by Julia Kristeva.”
Professor H. Rafael Chacón will present a lecture on Wednesday, March 14th in the Masquer Theatre (PAR-TV Building) at 7pm.  Join us for, ” Cabinet of Curiosities“.  This lecture is brought to us by the Montana Museum of Art & Culture.

Visiting Artist:

The School of Art is excited to present acclaimed artist Anne Appleby as our latest visiting artist lecturer.  Join us in Social Science room 356 from 5.10-6pm on Thursday, March 15th!  Ms. Appleby’s visit is made  possible by the Jim and Jane Dew Visiting Artist Fund.


Professor Valerie Hedquist has returned from a trip to Boston where she continued to research American Impressionist Painter Fra Dana’s life.  A collection of Ms. Dana’s jewelry is stored carefully and gently next to objects from Dolly Madison and an extraordinary costume collection right on the Boston Common. Val had a lovely time visiting with ‘Dame’ Nancy Lamb and viewing the Prescott House and the collection.

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