Spring Break-First Friday


Professor of Art Education Jennifer Combe , in conjunction with Zootown Arts, will present a workshop for Montana’s K-12 teachers.  The workshop will feature Visiting Artist Olivia Gude from the University of Illinois.



First Friday Events:


UPDATE: Due to circumstances beyond their control, Gus and Cody must cancel this event. They appreciate your support and apologize for any inconvenience.


Art majors Gustav Hamilton and Cody Hilleboe will be showing their most recent video collaboration, “Important Time”, as well as three-dimensional works that revolve around similar concepts. Important Time deals with how the media, specifically the news, changes what we perceive as true and how it alters what we believe we need to be happy and successful. Gus and Cody welcome you to their first event at MCAT and invite you to enjoy this multifaceted collaborative art work.


UPDATE: Due to circumstances beyond their control, Gus and Cody must cancel this event. They appreciate your support and apologize for any inconvenience.

Draught Works:

School of Art BFA Candidate Jason Bohman will present, “Year of Art” paintings made in front of a live audience in the past year.

Jason explains, “I started painting with live rock bands in 2006. I’d set up on stage and paint in response to their improvisations. My education has allowed me to retain the spontaneity of live painting while tightening up the compositional integrity behind each piece. For the last year, I’ve spent every First Friday on stage at Draught Works Brewery from 5 p.m until 9. I’ve moved from building large, one-piece canvases for these events to now working with pairs of wooden panels.  I work intuitively, responding to random initial marks with more deliberate lines until I’ve built up a dense web of interlocking shapes and colors. After each performance is over, the painting is done. The thrill of working ‘without a net’ often pushes my work into unexpected territory. During a performance, I’ll rearrange and rotate the panels to instantly create new compositions, keeping my audience off-balanced and engaged. My aim is to create an ‘event’ on the picture plane that is entertaining to watch as it evolves and interesting to view after it’s done.”

Draught Works

The Brink Gallery:

Head over to the Brink Gallery for “Elude“, by Jen Erickson.   She is a contemporary artist who lives and works in North Idaho. Jen received her BFA from The University of Montana and her MFA from Central Washington University. She is an instructor in the Art Department at Gonzaga University in Spokane, and is a member of the artist-run space PUNCH Gallery in Seattle.

Jen says, “My latest series of drawings pull inspiration from the idea of loss and the act of decomposition. I am interested in the process of things breaking down into their most basic elements. Pulling from a personal language of symbols, that to me represent the treat of decay, I painstakingly place repetitive marks onto a painted surface. The process of applying graphite becomes a meditative act. As the drawing progresses the zeros transcend their original purpose of serving as relics for the obsolete and take on a life of their own. These marks come together and disperse, engaging in the constant continuum of growth and decomposition, sometimes forming new forms and other times threatening to slip away into oblivion. More than physical decay, I am concerned with the breakdown of time and memories and the sense of loss that this creates. The zeros in my work are symbols of this. They act as empty remnants of understanding, tiny capsules of memories and knowledge that have been lost.”


Missoula Art Museum:

Stop by MAM for First Friday and explore Hamish Fulton’s conceptual artwork 21 Pieces of Wood for a 21 Day Walk in Montana. In 1997, MAM hosted this innovative and influential English artist in the exhibit A Twenty One Day Walk in Montana. It was inspired by Fulton’s three-week walk in the granite and clouds of the Beartooth Mountains. Following the “Leave no Trace” wilderness ethic, Fulton did not remove any objects from the Beartooths, but instead kept a diary of ideas, poetry, and drawings as inspiration for his artworks and installations. Learn more at the 7 PM curator’s talk.

The Clay Studio of Missoula:

Now entering its 10th year, the Clay Studio of Missoula’s POTSKETCH 2013 features drawings and ceramic artworks from local, national, and international emerging and established artists, including works by Julia Galloway, Beth Lo, Nancy Erickson, Richard Notkin, and Kurt Weiser. All artwork is part of a silent, online, and live auction to raise funds for the expansion and development of the Clay Studio facilities and programs. Bidding on silent auction artwork begins Friday, April 5 at the Clay Studio, with a preview reception from 5:30-9pm, and the exhibit continues through April 26. The Potsketch Gala will be held in the University Center North Ballroom at The University of Montana Saturday, April 27 from 6-10pm.

Clay 1

Art Opportunity:

The University of Montana’s Office of Public Safety is offering an artist the chance to win a FREE PARKING PERMIT for the 2013-2014 academic year.  Click HERE to learn more about this opportunity.

Have a safe and happy spring break!