First Friday-July

July’s First Friday is going to be on the hot side! As temperatures hit triple digits in Missoula this week, we expect art lovers will be dressing down to enjoy the latest exhibition receptions in town.  Take a look:


Graduate students in the School of Art started this alternative gallery space a few years ago, and it shows no sign of slowing down.  Tucked away in the alley behind the Old Post Pub you will find the latest works by grad student Claire Melli this First Friday.  Claire’s exhibition, “Resonance” is comprised of new paintings that reflect her work as, “…rooted firmly in the history of abstract expressionism but she deviates slightly from that tradition by injecting social commentary into her paintings.  This decision forces the viewer to contemplate the anxiety and confusion of our 21st century society within the relatively familiar formal qualities of the work, broadening the traditional scope of painting.”  FrontierSpace Missoula is located in the alley between Pine and Spruce, one block west of Higgins.


Typical of Jack Metcalf’s style, he has us in the dark as to what is really going on at Noteworthy, but we’re confident the recent MFA recipient will deliver the good stuff.


The Brink Gallery:

The Brink Gallery will host an exhibition reception for their latest called, “Wonderland”, by Renee Adams and Justin Gibbens.  The  Washington state-based artists’ works are informed by the wild critters that live and play in the forests of the Northwest. Gibbens’ watercolor drawings explore such fantastic creatures as jackalopes, mermen, and werewolves.  Adams fuses the crafted aesthetic of nature dioramas with the stylized realism of the American Regionalists as she attempts to reconcile vast consumption and waste with Mother Nature’s own methods of re-purposing. The Brink Gallery is located at 111 W. Front St.
 08 Fringed-Squip

The Clay Studio Of Missoula:

Our friends at the Clay Studio always have something cool going on for First Friday.  This month they will be exhibiting work made during their Ceramics Festiva, a four-day event with the theme of “Alternative Firing” that brought in guest artists from around the country. The exhibit will include works made with alternative firing methods by Missoula artist Orville Chigbrow. In addition, the exhibition features works by with Stephen Braun, Bryce Brisco, Craig Clifford, Charles Davis, Curt Jacobson, Robert Markle, Karl McDade, Randi O’Brien, Vernon Patrick, Esther Shimazu, Dennis Sipiorski, David Scott Smith, Shalene Valenzuela

Draught Works:

School of Art alumna Cait Finley will have what she describes as, “my most current sculpture and photographs” on display at Draught Works Brewery from 5-8pm this First Friday.  Stop by and see what Cait has been up to since she graduated!


This Blog:

If you have an event or item you would like to share with the art community, EMAIL us and we will consider it for publication.  Have a safe and happy First Friday!