First Friday May, 2015

The BFA Senior Thesis Exhibitions are up in the GVA and UC Gallery and it’s time to talk about First Friday; what a great week of art!

Real Good Studio:

School of Art alum and current adjunct Jack Metcalf is hosting a First Friday reception for Grad Student Karl Schwiesow at Jack’s studio Real Good. Jack says, “One of the first pieces I encountered of Karl’s was a marbleized red, white and blue bowling ball he somehow flawlessly shaped into a square, with the three finger holes still evident. After experiencing his larger scope of work, it is clear he possesses a refreshing ability to deconstruct and re-contextual mundane objects in exciting ways without seeming forced or trite. Karl has a keen aesthetic eye to detail, a blue collar work ethic, and the vitality of a hamster.” The vitality of a hamster! Don’t miss this event. “Margin for Error” will run from 6-10:00 on May 1st. Real Good is located at 1205 Defoe St #1 (across from the Clay Studio behind the yellow creepy van). See you there!

Margin for Error Announcement Card

Mass and Density-Karl Schwiesow


The tiny gallery in the alley is hosting an art installation for this First Friday. Located just behind the Old Post Pub, and operated by School of Art graduate students, FrontierSpace is pleased to host a reception and installation for the work of Rachel Stevens. “You Can Be Here” is the artist’s MFA thesis presentation and will be open to the public from 5:00 to 9:00 this First Friday.

You Can Work Here Announcement Card

You Can Work Here-Rachel Stevens

Missoula Art Museum:

Our friends over at MAM are excited to present an opening reception for the Montana Triennial: 2015. Join curator Peter Held for a gallery talk at 7:00 pm this First Friday.

Willows-Maggie Carlson

Willows-Maggie Carlson


The Émile Levassor Museum of Art is a portable exhibition space created and managed by School of Art professors Brad Allen and Matt Hamon and Program Assistant Ed Morrissey. ELMA proposes new strategies and venues for the presentation and exhibition of almost noteworthy works of art. With equal parts art institution, happening, and performance, ELMA embraces Apollonian reason and Dionysian intoxication in a quixotic clash of contemporary art and high-octane motor sport. For this First Friday Ed and Matt will be on Higgins Ave inviting the public to participate in an exhibition that seeks conversation with the Andy Warhol installation at the Missoula Art Museum.



The Brink Gallery:

Our friends at the Brink are hosting a reception in conjunction with On Deck 10 featuring skateboard art, art upon skateboards and related items. Join us for snacks and skateboards from 5-10:00 pm on May 1st.


Those crazy kids at Missoula Community Television are hosting a First Friday event in support of local artist Mark Matthews. Stop by and check out Mark’s work as well as the super cool television studio they have at 500 North Higgins. Snacks and such will be provided from 5-7:00 pm.



This Blog:

If you have an item you would like to share with the art community, EMAIL us and we will consider t for publication. Have a safe, fun and educational First Friday!