First Friday- August, 2015

It’s August already? How the summertime flies in Western Montana! Here are some of the great art experiences awaiting us this First Friday:

Real Good Studio:

Our friends at Real Good are very excited to invite you to the latest exhibition event at their venue. For First Friday August, artist in residence and recent School of Art/Media Arts grad Michael T. Workman will host a reception/interactive exhibition called, “Masses.” Michael says, “Masses examines the ritual of consumption and the way value is placed in the object. By creating a pseudo consumer experience, the grotesque is relentlessly sold and reluctantly devoured. Masses is a multi-media art experience combining sculpture, performance and film. The show centers around pink gelatin forms, which can actually be consumed. The desirability of these otherwise undesirable objects is superficially aroused through advertising, display, a live product demonstration, and pressure from performers, in an effort to entice the viewer to partake in the ritual of consumption.” The art event will take place at Real Good Studio (Across the street from the Clay Studio of Missoula) from 7-10:00pm. While you’re consuming Michael’s gelatinous pink forms, be sure to congratulate him on being selected as one of Montana’s 25 under 25!

Masses Promotional Image

“Masses” by Michael T. Workman


The tiny gallery in the alley behind the Old Post Pub plays host to art major Ashley Rickman this First Friday. Ashley’s exhibition is titled, “Liminality.” Her artist statement reads, “Liminality:  Noun (from the Latin word līmen, meaning “a threshold”) The “In- between space.”Individual experiences dictate how we view ourselves and how we interact with the world. Liminality recognizes moments of personal vulnerability and, through fabric and furniture, attempts to provide stability in the shaping of our realities.” Stop by the alley between 5 and 9pm for the reception.

Liminality Promotional Image



Missoula Art Museum:

Our friends at MAM have a great First Friday planned in their beautiful museum. Join the Missoula art community for, “Chasing Time: Montana’s One-Room Schools” by Neil Chaput and Keith Graham. The focus of this exhibition is on the basic daily school activities of classwork and the relationships between these dedicated teachers and their pupils. Many of the schools serve only five to eight students, and one of the schools has a total enrollment of one girl. Chaput’s ability to candidly capture intimate moments shines light on the special bond between teacher and student in these unique schools. As expected, the schoolhouses are scattered across the rural expanses of the state. From the forested mountains of Yaak to the rolling grasslands of remote Carter County, Montana’s one-room schools serve the most remote populations of the state. The images of the schoolhouses on the Montana landscape put the geographic isolation into perspective.

Chasing Time: Montana's One-Room Schools Promotional Image

Chasing Time: Montana’s One-Room Schools


 Radius Gallery:

Head over to Radius Gallery to see their current exhibition for the last time. “Scapes: Land, Sea, Mind” will close this First Friday with a reception celebrating the over 60 artists whose works are on display. The reception will be held from 5-8:oopm.

Scapes: Land, Sea, Mind

Scapes: Land, Sea, Mind

The Clay Studio of Missoula:

Be sure to visit the Clay Studio (just across the street from Real Good Studio) to see “Inner Parks” by artist in residence Chad Steve. Chad’s work celebrates the questioning of objects and the rediscovering of moments in the past. As an artist he is driven by a desire to evoke meaningful and significant memories, wonder, and curiosity within all his viewers. His large-scale ceramic works created by both handbuiling and throwing reflect a sense of both purpose and playfulness. His ceramic surfaces are intended to look as though they had been well used and then abandoned. Worn, chipped, and saturated with stains the visual aesthetic of his sculptures have a patina of apparent use that serves to unify the overall aesthetic of a moment captured in time, arriving at a feeling of nostalgia. The reception will run from 5:30-9:00. The Clay Studio is located at 1106 Hawthorne St.

Chad Steves Promotional Image

Inner Parks by Chad Steve

The e3 Convergence Gallery is hosting a reception for art major Elaine Fraticelli’s latest body of work titled, “Miracle.” Elaine’s work seeks to explore the differences and similarities shared by each person on earth. Love and other emotions are exposed through the window to the soul. The opening reception will run from 5-7pm with refreshments and live music by Old Sap.

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