First Friday- November 2015

It has finally started to snow in Missoula and we are ready for November’s First Friday!

Missoula Art Museum:

School of Art Professor MaryAnn Bonjorni ‘s latest body of work is titled Legends are History and will be on display at MAM until January 2nd. You can read all about the exhibition HERE. Professor Bonjorni will present a gallery talk at 7pm.

"Shake"-MaryAnn Bonjorni

      “Shake”-MaryAnn Bonjorni


School of Art graduate student Michael Hansen will present his latest works at an opening reception at FrontierSpace, the alternative exhibition space in the ally behind the Old Post Pub. Join Michael and other art students this First Friday for Old Wet Paint from 5pm to whenever he decides it’s over.

Michael Hansen Announcement Card

    Michael Hansen Announcement Card

Clay Studio of Missoula:

Our friends over at the Clay Studio of Missoula are hosting an exhibition by School of Art students!  The artists of this exhibit will share work that reflects the commitment of the University’s ceramics division towards individual expression and experimentation. Included in the show will be a diverse representation of contemporary ceramics, including utilitarian and conceptual pottery, ceramic sculpture, and mixed media works.

Featured artists: MFA candidates Evan Hauser, Sarah Justice, Karl Schwiesow, David Tarullo, and Cori Crumrine, plus post-baccalaureate students Molly Allen, Amanda Bury, and Claire Miller.

The exhibition will be on display at the Clay Studio of Missoula from November 6-23, 2015, with an opening on Friday, November 6, 5:30-9pm.

Clay Studio Announcement Card

     Clay Studio Announcement Card

Real Good Art Space:

School of Art alum and current Adjunct Assistant Professor Jack Metcalf will be hosting another interesting exhibition at his imagination factory across the street from the Clay Studio (and behind the van painted with so many toes). This First Friday event will feature the works of Dash, Jack’s two year old son.  Jack sent a statement about the work, but we suspect that two year old Dash had some help preparing it; it just doesn’t read in his voice, you know? Anyway it’s bound to be an awesome, and probably adorable, spectacle.

“Although my work is often categorized as abstract expressionism, I see it as inhabiting a space between nonobjective painting and architectural sketches. The combination of these two worlds, serve as a matrix for what are essentially autobiographical works. I am interested in the symbolic potential of the objective world and the possibilities abstraction presents in suggesting the unknown. My influences range from third-generation avant-garde jazz to the initial formal drawings by Frank Gehry.

In some way, the intellect can analyze the work, but ultimately, when the drawings are working, it is hard to explain the how and the why. It is easy to make a formal analysis of the work and to position it in the great and diverse continuum of contemporary drawing. Yet, it is my belief that the drawing must do its work from a more subversive place, a place familiar yet enigmatic, known but unknown. It is this place that the drawings attempt to inhabit.”

Dash Metcalf-View From My Bedroom Window

               Dash Metcalf-View From My Bedroom Window

This Blog:

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