First Friday- October 2016

Fall is in full swing and it’s time for another First Friday in Missoula! Let’s take a look at what’s going on around town on the 7th.


School of Art graduate students maintain an alternative gallery space in the ally behind the Old Post Pub. This First Friday they are very excited to invite everyone to their Third Annual FrontierSpace Benefit Auction from 5-9pm. This event will be a major fundraiser for the space with all proceeds used to advance the essential work FrontierSpace performs in the Missoula Community.



School of Art students and alumni are teaming up to present new works in an unusual venue. Join Artists Alley Carter, Derek Snodgrass, April Werle, Lane Brown, and Kyle Kankelborg for a contemporary group show of works in an alternative art space in the basement of Bob’s Sew & Vac from 6-8pm. 



The folks over at Real Good Art Space are teaming up with the University of Montana’s Curry Health Center for a first Friday exhibit in October. The theme is one we all know too well … FAILURE. So if your storage space is bursting at the seams with creations that never really met their potential, now is the opportunity to put those eye-sores on display in a public setting. It is important to be able to accept not being perfect, smile, and eat cheese with others, who too, understand falling short of their potential.

Artists were asked to explain why they considered the work a failure, and the responses ranged from:
– poor use of color theory
– the artwork was returned to the artist by the love interest they created it for
– misspelling of the word Achievement for a design intended for a writing award graphic
– rejected work from a previous juried exhibition
– a small suitcase full of some Connecticut guy’s attempt at art school by mail from the late 50s/early 60s
– the piece is potentially dangerous to get close to
–  it reminded the artist of ‘black face’
Best Fail Ever

A Juried Group Failure Exhibit

Real Good Art Space

October 7, 2016 8-10 PM

Missoula Art Museum:

Our friends at MAM are excited to present the exhibition reception for “Stephen Glueckert: All Mixed Up” this First Friday. From the museum’s website, ” A consummate artist and educator, [Steve] has created a vast outpouring of work influenced by folk and intuitive artist traditions, as well as modernism. Included are early films, handmade games, drawings, conceptual pieces, drawing machines, collages, interactive sculptures, and inventive assemblages.
Glueckert emphasizes the emotional or humorous content of stories while at the same time championing social justice issues and advocating for cultural values. His artwork serves as a conduit for his concern over a host of social ills and human behaviors, recreating especially outrageous and egregious events, such as the 1991 beating of taxi driver Rodney King, the immoral and illegal side of finance at the height of Wall Street opulence, or the popularization of the uniquely American phenomenon of Christian televangelism—a practice notably besot with fraud and sex scandals while simultaneously holding believers to higher moral values. His reactions to these events either support or belie his deeply-felt social and political beliefs and help make him an especially sensitive tuning fork that in turn fuels his artistic production. As such, Glueckert listens and responds to the peculiarities of the American identity in his work.”


Clay Studio of Missoula:

Located just across the street from Real Good, the Clay Studio of Missoula is celebrating this First Friday with an exhibition of works from their permanent collection. Head on over to see pieces from artists like Rudy Autio, Perry Hass, Chad Steve and many more! The reception will be held from 5:30-9pm.

permcoll2016This Blog:

If you have an event or item to share with our art community, EMAIL us and we will consider it for publication. As always, have a safe and educational First Friday!