First Friday February 2017

Siri is predicting a cold and snowy First Friday for us this evening, so cash us outside, howbow dah? LOL, here’s what’s going on:


School of art graduate students are excited to host Blue Prints” works by Holly Grob this First Friday. From the announcement card, “Holly Grob grew up in the dualistic environments of Orlando, Florida and Billings, Montana. Immersed in the contrast of these two environments and cultures, Grob can’t help but be thoughtful about the physical and mental structures that we as humans create in which to live our lives. Elements that make up the Places that we choose to call home and work, and places that are foreign to us when we visit somewhere new.”

Stop by the alternative gallery space in the alley behind the Old Post Pub to see Holly’s work.


Radius Gallery:

Our friends at Radius Gallery posted the following on their Facebook page, “Radius is offering two simultaneous exhibits this month, because, well, because we need all the art we can get right now. Art reminds us of the great capacity and inventiveness of humans, which, in turns, gives us hope for creative thinking and problem solving that we greatly need in the world right now.” What a fun approach to First Friday!


Real Good:

Sad news in the local art community this month as Real Good owner, and School of Art alum/adjunct Jack Metcalf, announced the end of Real Good Studio. Jack made the following announcement:

“I started Real Good as a labor of love to foster an environment where young creative individuals could take chances with experimental art. A kind of education outside of traditional academia… with that said (and after much thought and exhaustion), I have decided this will be the last event at Real Good Art Space for the foreseeable future. It’s been a lot of fun the last 3 years. Similar to a phoenix rising from the flames, I am sure Real Good will re-emerge from the ashes in some form at some point.”

The last show will be Slump” (Lethargic refrigerator breathes slowly, suffering its usefulness) by Chris Powell. Metcalf described the situation like this, “Every once in a while I have a student that turns in projects that make me scratch my head in glee. This was the case with Christopher Powell who was enrolled in one of my online Art for Non-Art Major classes. This is a class I never meet with students face to face (some of them live in the middle of the woods) and the course focuses on ideas rather than dexterity. Christopher delivered bizarre, high quality project after project that definitely caught my attention. After the course was over, I proposed the idea of him having an exhibit at Real Good. This I do not regret.”

Slump is an experimental multimedia installation exploring memory and vitality in the material world. Touch, feel and imbibe a vibratory and acoustic environment through familiar appliances and objects of a common kitchen.

Libations and homemade delicacies by the artist and friends.
In collaboration with Austin Slominski.

So, be sure to stop by for the last ever (maybe) art show at Real Good!

Clay Studio:

Just across the street from Real Good is the Clay Studio of Missoula. This month they are hosting a juried exhibition. Local artist Adrian Arleo selected the works on display in this show titled “Nature: Surface, Form, Content” . The show is described as, “…an exhibition showcasing ceramic work that explores the connections to nature in either formal or conceptual approaches. Juried by Adrian Arleo – an internationally recognized ceramic sculptor living in Lolo, Montana – 25 works were selected from 115 entries submitted by nearly 60 artists from North America.”


Missoula Art Museum:

The folks over at MAM are busy preparing for their annual auction and will not be offering a First Friday reception. We wish them all the best with their event on Saturday!

This Blog:

If you have an idea or event to share with the art community, EMAIL us and we will consider it for the blog. Have a safe First Friday!