First Friday- July 2017 is predicting 99 degrees in Missoula for this First Friday! Let’s take a look at some of the many art events happening around town:

Radius Gallery:

Our friends at Radius Gallery are excited to host an opening reception for School of Art Professor Julia Galloway and local legend Stephanie FrostadAccording to their website, the title of the show takes its inspiration from the opening line of an 1880 poem by D.G. Rossetti: “A Sonnet is a moment’s monument…”. Each in her own way, Frostad and Galloway honor life’s quiet interludes, moments of reflection and rumination. Frostad’s narrative paintings often depict figures on the verge of action, their minds full of anticipation, consequences looming. Galloway’s illustrated pottery celebrates—on its surfaces as well as in its utility—life’s simple pleasures, reminding us of the thoughtfulness and dignity inherent in our diurnal routines.

In addition to the First Friday reception, the gallery will be open the next day for a special Saturday open house. From 10am to 3pm coffee will be served. Don’t miss out on this exceptional exhibition!

Radius Alley:

Just next door to the main gallery is a small alley with a wood paneled door. Usually closed and locked, this space will be open for viewing the works of recent School of Art graduate April Werle. “Everything But The Kitchen Sink” will feature a conglomeration of Werle’s past work. Running concurrent to the Frostad/Galloway exhibition, the semi-secret alley space will be open from 5-7pm.

Butterfly Herbs:

School of Art major Halisia Hubbard will be showing new works for First Friday in conjunction with local music festival Camp Daze. Hubbard’s exhibition, Pre-Camp Daze Craze Phaze” features new, original paintings created for the local bands participating in this stellar fest. Cute and delicious treats provided by The Poppy Bakery, so be sure to stop by and check it out beginning at 5pm.

LGBT Center:

Another School of Art major will be showing new work! Join Padyn Humble as he attempts to dissect the navigation between masculinity and sexuality within his environment (family, love, politics).  Humble connects the past with current matters shaping identity, while reversing the culturally decided code of gendered colors (blue – boy, pink – girl).
The reception will run from 5-8pm at 127 N. Higgins Ave. Suite 202.



School of Art graduate students maintain an alternative exhibition space in the alley behind the Old Post Pub. This month’s First Friday will feature the recent works of current grad student Tyler Brumfield. The reception for “Work-Sight” will run from 5-9pm.

Missoula Art Museum:

Our friends over at MAM have a new exhibition for July’s First Friday. head on over to see From Flower Cloth to Story Cloth: Hmong Textiles in the MAM Collection. Their website describes the exhibition as, “a selection of textiles that demonstrate vivid traditions and mythic storytelling in a celebration of Hmong culture in Missoula.  The exhibition is a timely reminder of the value of art and creativity to the human experience. The exhibition coincides with the recent arrival of Eritrean, Congolese, and Syrian refugee families to Missoula through the help of the International Rescue Committee and Soft Landing. Questions about refugee resettlement are relevant in light of rising nationalism and a recent proliferation of hate speech nationwide. From Flower Cloth to Story Cloth celebrates our diverse city and stands as an example of the significant Hmong contributions to the Missoula community.”

This Blog:

If you have an item to share with our art community, EMAIL us and we will consider it for the next publication. Have a safe and happy First Friday!