First Friday- June 2014

The academic year is over and summer is in the air; let’s enjoy  First Friday!


School of Art graduate students continue their tradition of bringing artists to Missoula and exhibiting their work in an alternative gallery space. Located in the ally behind the Old Post Pub, FrontierSpace Missoula welcomes Joe Meiser for June’s First Friday. Stop by between 6pm and 9pm to see work that, “… examines the limitations of the human body and mind, the impermanence of life, and ideas about mortality that come from science, philosophy, and religion—often attempting to make sense of narratives that are in conflict.” Meiser 2014

The Missoula Art Museum:

Join our friends at MAM for an opening reception exhibiting the works of Colorado artist and professor Melanie Yazzie from 5-8pm with an artist gallery talk at 7pm. Professor Yazzie describes her work as meant to “…challenge the idea of what most see as a good, proper print. The works are made fast paced and they are about the action of making them and producing them to capture a moment and energy that is not still. You can feel a movement in these works. When I am producing an edition of work they are more controlled and printed in a very formal way. The works here are speaking about a morning walk I take and the vibration I see around. It is honoring the moment and I hope to capture the feeling of being quiet and still–the unpredictable is what I am after with this series of work.”

The exhibition is hosted in the Lynda M. Frost Contemporary American Indian Art Gallery, a gallery dedicated to honor the creative cultural contributions of American Indian people to contemporary art, and to ensure that Indian artists will always have a place to celebrate that contribution. The artist residency is supported by MATRIX Print Workshop at the School of Art at The University of Montana.

MAM would like to thank the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation for their support of this exhibition.

MAM FF 6.14

The Clay Studio of Missoula:

The good folks of the Clay Studio are excited to host the First Friday reception of Artist in Residence Courtney Murphy from 5:30-9pm. Courtney’s functional forms in “house/hold” are influenced by simplified abstractions of nature, children’s artwork, folk art, mid-century modern forms and shapes, as well as textiles, patterns and historical pots. She is simultaneously attracted to worn surfaces that show the passage of time, as well as forms that are clean and simple, elegantly utilitarian. Her careful attention to line is evident on both the surfaces of her forms and the forms themselves.

Courtney Murphy 2014

The Dana Gallery:

School of Art alum Anthony Yazzie (BFA 2014) is just one of the many talented artists to contribute to the 3rd Annual Icons of the West exhibition. See Anthony’s piece along with many others from 5-8pm.

Yazzie 2014


In 2004 a group of local artists and art educators came together to form a collective of creative thinkers called, “Saltmine.” Their latest exhibition will be on display at Montana Framing (709 Ronan St.) with a First Friday reception from 5-9pm. Join noted local artists Karen Rice, Edgar Smith, Peter Keefer, Bev Beck Glueckert, Kathleen Herlhy-Paoli, Cathryn Mallory, and Stephen Glueckert for an evening of wonderful art and conversation.

Saltmine June 2014

Out Of Town:

For those of you outside the Missoula area this First Friday, we recommend a trip to The Imagination Resource Center in Butte. School of Art alumni Jennifer DuToit (BFA 2013) and Parker Beckley (BFA 2014) have teamed up to present, “the Black Box” at the Phoenix Gallery (68 W. Park).

Jen and Parker FF June 20140004

This Blog:

If you have an item or event you wish to share with the art community, please EMAIL us and we will consider your post for publication. Here’s to a wonderful First Friday; the weather forecast lists a high of 77 for the day!