First Friday-March 2015

Join School of Art grad students as they welcome two artists to their alternative gallery space behind the Old Post Pub. FrontierSpace will be exhibiting the works of Sarah Nance in the gallery, and those of fellow grad student Kate Lund in The Émile Levassor Museum Of Art, which will be on display in the alley. Stop by for great art and conversation!

Sarah Nance FrontierSpace 2015

Sarah Nance- marking time in light, 2014 reflective fabric tape, found stones, natural light 8.5 x 1.5 x 1494 in. Alvord Desert, Eastern Oregon

Kate Lund Installation Image

Kate Lund internal topography detail 2015

Art majors Samantha French and Kyle Kankleborg will present their latest works in a First Friday exhibition at Inner Wisdom Hypnotherapy from 5-8 pm. Join them for snacks at 127 N. Higgins Suite B (third floor).

Kankelborg Painting

Kyle Kankelborg-Untitled


School of Art alum and current Adjunct Instructor Jack Metcalf is hosting an art affair titled, “Poetry: Double Feature” at his studio space Real Good (1205 Defoe St #1-across from the Clay Studio, behind the yellow creepy van). Jack noted the event will feature “two separate bodies of work that both are . . . how do you say . . . poetic.”

PART 1 – On display in the main space will be new work from Jennifer duToit.

Title:  We touch still, always.

Jennifer duToit was born and raised in Butte, Montana.  She graduated with her BFA from U of M in May of 2013, focusing in Printmaking.  Her work, at present, develops from themes of memory & spoken word.  Her pieces often take on various forms of poetry and short fiction, alongside installation-based print-media.  Currently, she resides in Helena, Montana, working for the Helena BID and AERO.  She is focusing her creative efforts on the build-out of a mobile studio and blog venture titled Small Tin Press, set to hit the roads of Montana summer of 2015.


Jen DuToit Photograph

PART 2 – On display in the auxiliary gallery are excerpts from Jacob Kahn‘s soon to be released book of poetry “A Guidebook To And For Giants” accompanied by illustrations by Jack Metcalf. A poetry reading from the book will occur at 9 PM by a Jacob Kahn impersonator.

Yet another School of Art alumna is exhibiting her work this First Friday. Nancy Rishoff welcomes you to check out her latest pieces at a reception at Prudential Real Estate (314 N. Higgins) from 5-7 pm.  You can watch as Nancy talks about her art on MCAT’s “Wake Up, Missoula” tv show.

Nancy Rishoff Painting

Nancy Rishoff- Landscape of the Mind

Speaking of our friends at Missoula Community Television, they are hosting a First Friday reception for a Hellgate High School art student. Join Makayla Crist from 5-8 pm at 500 N. Higgins to view her black and white photographs.

Crist Photograph

Makayla Crist- Untitled

The Brink Gallery (111 W. Front St.) invites you to see works by Christopher Dufala at a First Friday reception from 5-8 pm. Mr. Dufala describes his work as follows:

“Formally, my artwork is a variety of rendering techniques and sculptural processes, of which drawing is the foundation. Often portraying nostalgic appliances and gesturing hands that reference the figure, these illustrations message societal concerns through narrative. Produced using a ceramic monotype process, detailed images are rendered on a plaster slab and then transferred to a ceramic ground and fired. With a unique ability to translate a simulated surface, the printed imagery and added sculptural elements complete the composition and the idea of manipulation, removing the authenticity of the image from its original drawn reality.”

Christopher Dufala Sculpture

Christopher Dufala- Selling Copy Ceramic, Glaze, Stain, Rubber, Wood

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