First Friday- September 2016

The academic year has begun and the School of Art is once again filled with students, staff and faculty! We are thrilled to meet new people and see our returning students. Let’s take a look at what this First Friday has in store:


School of Art graduate students are excited to kick off the fall semester with an exhibition in their alternative gallery space in the ally behind the Old Post Pub. Join the FrontierSpace team this First Friday for a lively and colorful exhibition featuring the work of Chrissy Scolaro. From her artist statement, “My structures imply utilitarianism but present an aestheticized experience that calls viewers to be present while perceiving them. I’m interested in how these works, which share history with minimalism and public sculpture, might be viewed through an empathetic or even humorous lens as their own materiality fails, becoming limp and deflated.”

The reception will run from 5-9pm.

FrontierSpace Sept 2016

Real Good Art Space:

School of Art alum Parker Beckley invites us to Real Good for “Farm Art Party.” The event is billed as an evening of organic, free range weirdness with Parker’s art, food from Missoula Grain & Vegetable Co., bloody marys and Compost Comedy. Parker writes, “Bring yer jokes,yer bad talent, yer whatever. MGVC will be bringing rotten tomatoes and compost matter for the audience to huck at those not worthy. (Goggles and rain poncho for the performer will be provided). Live Music and Hay Bale Rides around the block by A Band of Horses.”

We suspect it will be another wacky art event over at Real Good! 7-11pm.

Farm Art Party Poster

Farm Art Party

Clay Studio of Missoula:

Directly across the street from Real Good is the Clay Studio of Missoula. Join our friends there for an opening reception of “animal.vegetable.mineral.” Nine ceramic artists demonstrate the myriad forms, approaches, and concepts that can be created with basic materials dug from the earth. Additionally, in the works, each of the featured artists address varying aspects of natural elements. Including works by Renee Brown, Crista Ann Ames, Eva Champagne, Seth Charles, Orville Chigbrow, Donna Flanery, Miriam Griffin, Koral Halperin, and Randi O’Brien. This exhibit will be on display through Sept. 30.

Clay Studio Sept 2016

Radius Gallery:

Our friends over at Radius Gallery invite you to join them for “The Changing Moment” an exhibition of sixty artists. They’re staying open late for this one, the reception goes until 8pm.

"The Changing Moment"

“The Changing Moment”

Betty’s Divine:

Local artist Adelaide Gale Every invites us to her show at Betty’s and writes, “Starting at 6pm, we’ve got the experimental found sound collages of False Teeth (Chris Justice), then the sensually dissonant grooves of Intimate Curses (Jespa Beatzlevox and Rachel Patrie), and finishing the evening, the monster sounds of Rooster Sauce (Chris Knut, David Jones, Aaron Soria, and me). See you there!”

Betty's Sept 2016

This Blog:

If you have an item to share with the art community, EMAIL it and we will consider it for publication on this blog. Have a safe and fun First Friday!