First Friday- December 2015

It’s snowing on our blog again! Join us for the very last First Friday of 2015 as we explore galleries and visit with our friends in the Missoula art community. Here’s a partial list of what’s going on:

Real Good Art Space:

Art major Halisia Hubbard will be presenting her latest works in a solo exhibition at Real Good Art Space this First Friday. “Polybiuswill be a one night only affair, so be sure not to miss it! From the official media release:

According to urban legend, an arcade cabinet called “Polybius” appeared in several suburbs of Portland, OR in 1981. Though the cabinets disappeared without a trace, it was said to have been wildly addictive and induced amnesia, insomnia, and night terrors in the players; many stopped gaming completely after their engagement in Polybius.

The exhibit Polybius is a deconstruction of the American video arcade. The success of these venues, or more importantly the games within them, relies on a firm set of goals and guidelines to achieve said goals. When one or both of these certainties are stripped, the game is essentially chaos.

In any given game, the rules may be ambiguous, the mechanics unsound, or the objective vague. It is uncertain whether one is playing with or against the arcade cabinet. The player is neither a winner nor loser – they are a participant. Welcome to Polybius, the arcade in which assurances are dismantled and the answer to most questions . . . is a question.

Polybius-Halisia Hubbard

Polybius-Halisia Hubbard

Repertoire Gallery:

Shh, don’t tell anybody. Art major Josh Taira has curated a huge group exhibition that includes work from art majors and alumni including Alley Carter, Stephanie Colley, Dean Foster, Halisia Hubbard, Beth Huhtala, Padyn Humble, Elaine Kelly, Max Mahn, Josh Masias, Clayton McDougall, Bryce Peery, Carly Prentice, Kimberly Randall, David Sampson, Wilson Smith, David Tarullo, Lindsey Tucker, Melissa Unger. That is one very impressive list of artists; don’t miss this amazing exhibition (and fun reception)! Josh says snacks, [redacted beverages] and probably pizza will be present.

Clandestine Announcement

Shh, don’t tell anybody



Student and local artist Garrett Bryant will be showing appropriated objects and videos to address issues of masculinity, prosperity, leisure, and America.  You won’t want to miss this event. A heater will be present to warm your cold hands, and the artist will be present to answer any of your questions. FrontierSpace is located in the alley behind the Old Post Pub. 

 Everything we have was made from blood and oil

Everything we have was made from blood and oil

Butterfly Herbs:

School of Art alum David Miles Lusk will be showing his latest prints in an exhibition titled, “Curiosities: Block Prints” at Butterfly Herbs this First Friday. David invites you to come in and, “warm your hearts and thaw your brains.”

Lusk Print

David Lusk Print

Brink Gallery:

Our friends at the Brink are excited to welcome the latest from Theo Ellsworth this First Friday.

Ellsworth- Antidote (Art Zine)

Ellsworth- Antidote (Art Zine)

Missoula Art Museum:

Join the wonderful MAM staff for “A Few of My Favorite Things” an exhibition selected by Senior Exhibition Curator Emeritus Stephen Glueckert. Glueckert selected 12 seldom-seen works from the MAM Collection, which will be accompanied by some brief text describing why each work has become a favorite of his. Glueckert states, “This was a difficult if not impossible task since I have so many favorites. All that I can say is that these were my favorites at the moment they were selected, for I found myself overwhelmed and changing my exhibit list by the moment. My selections were like shifting sand. We are fortunate to have so many gifted artists living here, and I wish I had been able to include all of them. I think this small exhibition offers a taste of the passion fruit that is the MAM Collection.”

This eclectic approach might not provide the most cohesive exhibition, yet it does reflect the deep and lasting relationships that an institution develops with the community of artists that it serves. It also gives insight into the MAM Collection and its emerging contemporary regional aesthetic. All of the work was accessioned into the collection while Glueckert was serving as MAM’s Exhibition Curator.

This Blog:

If you have an item you would like to share with our art community, EMAIL and we will consider it for publication. Have a great First Friday!