Visiting Artist and MFA Thesis Exhibition

A Synthetic Spring:

School of Art Graduate Student Jack Metcalf, MFA Printmaking Candidate, will present his MFA Thesis Exhibition at the Crystal Theatre as a one night only multimedia experience that will incorporate dance, performance, music and visual art.  Jack promises the experience to be, “precious and rare.” Join Jack and his minions on Thursday, April 18 from 8-10pm for this once in a lifetime art experience!  Check out the article in the Missoulian about Jack’s plan.


Visiting Artist:

On Thursday, April 18, the School of Art will host visiting artist Anne JohnsonJoin us in Social Science Building 356 for her lecture.  

Anne Johnson is a painter and digital printmaker. In her current work, she draws on globe projections, mid-century road maps, military surveys and political geography to explore the map as an always-belated image, memorial to yesterday’s knowledge. She is preoccupied with the metaphor of losing one’s way, map in hand; and with tall tales embodied in cartographic silences; and with arguments masked as measurements. In a map’s limited legibility, she finds meaning and an invitation to improvise. Graphic patterns and codes, the pathos of political borders, inevitable lacunae—these give her a place to start.

Anne Johnson’s visit is made possible by the Jim and Jane Dew Visiting Artist Fund.  For more information, contact Kevin Bell at 243-5453